PAWFI- Spay and Neuter Clinic

PAWAI spay and neuter Clinic - click to enlarge
Located in Irawan, is The Palawan Animal Welfare Foundation aka PAWFI-  You can have your cats and dogs neutered there for the price of a donation.  Of course the more you donate, the chances of them staying active is greater.  But they will take anything you offer.

Spay day Saturday:
Every Saturday PAWFI is conducting spay for FREE. Better to have appointment. Text this cell number to make an appointment 09285034395.

For FEMALE dogs & cats only. You can bring them during Saturday morning. You can contact PAWFI anytime.
You drop off the animal at your appointed time and pick them up the same day at a time they will tell you.

We have had a cat and 2 dogs spayed there and they do a good job. We have also had them stitch up a dog whose face was half cut off and he's survived!

One thing I didn't like, is they don't take out the ovaries of cats. When my cat healed, she kept going back into heat. They said that it was because they don't like to mutilate the cats too much or they need them for the calcium to absorb, but what ever, it just didn't work for me. My cat kept howling and calling in males, then beating them up because she wasn't in true "heat".  This exposed her to wounds from the males and even whatever other crud they might have. I did have them re-do her and she's fine now.

Do tell them to take out ALL female parts including the ovaries unless you don't care if your cat howls every 6 weeks.

The Center in Irawan is open for spaying and neutering of cats and dogs, by appointment only. Sometimes they have to change the schedule for the surgeon - BEST TO TEXT the listed number to make an appointment!
Our cat Ming Ming was spayed
The gal that runs the place in Iratag, Irawan is Jackie Baut - Her cell number is: 0928-503-4395

DIRECTIONS: A little hard to find but here goes:
Take the National Highway South, turn RIGHT at the road going to Sta. Lourdes (which is just before the Irawan bridge that veers left going to the Crocodile Farm), then  take the first wide tree lined dirt road on the LEFT....after this it's another dirt to the left and the little clinic will be on your right side just about 50 meters. It will be the Blue building on the right.
Our rescue doggie,
successful spay!

(There's a little Barangay Hut on the Left just past that road to the left going to the clinic, so if you do pass that hut, you have gone too far. Go back to the next dirt road (this time it will be on your left and turn in there.)

If you are not familiar with the procedure for spaying your animals, at least follow this.

No food or water at least 10 hours before surgery.

Anaesthesia sometimes will make a dog nauseous during surgery and they might vomit involuntarily and choke on the food or water.   Please do not feed or give water to any animal that will be neutered at least 10 hours before surgery.

If they have been fed, be sure to let them know so that they will schedule the surgery for later in the day.City Veterinarian Is now located at the old City Hall building.



Tel. No. : (048) - 717-8000
City  Veterinary Cell - 0920-909-5058 - for appointment for anti Rabies Vaccines.

City Veterinary Services are:

1. Meat Inspection
2. Issuance of Animal Vaccination Certificate
Anti-Rabies Vaccination
Immunization (DHLP)

3. Animal Consultation, Disease Treatment and Control
4. Issuance of Certificate of Ownership & Release Paper of Cattle/Carabao Dispersal Program

5. Request for home service vaccination/treatment


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