Matahum Beach Mangingisda

Across the bay from the City Center is Matahum Beach. They have a restaurant and charge entry but it is a nice place with white sand. The beach is shallow during low tide and you can walk across the sand bar quite a ways. The water is crystal clear, but the bay is shallow so the water is never very deep.

They also have a restaurant and a bar so you don't have to bring any, in fact, there is a corkage fee if you do bring your own food and beverages.

Matahum beach (puting buhangin, mangingisda) is just across the Puerto Princesa Bay about 30-40 minutes by banca/ ferry from Puerto Princesa fish port at Baywalk to the Mangingisda Fish Port or, an hour by land. The beach has crystal clear water but runs shallow over white sand.  It is actually a perfect place to splash safely around with the kiddies.

Since we live about 10 minutes away and the new owners have closed access to the white sand beach just around a sandbar, Matahum is our go-to place at least twice a month, and more if the weather is good. We like to take our pets and rescued otters there also.

Call them at: 0995 321 8915
The entrance to Matahum. A lovely walk-through
a mangrove forest

They have a Facebook page at:

To contact by cell: 0995 321 8915

Matahum establishment seen from the seaside. The water is so clear and clean.
It is not very populated during the weekdays and tends to fill up on weekends.

At low tide, you can walk a long way to another white sand beach area.

Matahum now has a floating eating area with a shade you can rent.

Crystal clear water at high tide.

Matahum at low tide.

Matahum beach resort at low tide
Matahum is our favorite place to take the otters and our teen

An otter hanging out at Matahum
If you are lucky, you can catch a glimpse of a river otter, indigenous
only to  Palawan. The certified caretaker of rescued otters takes them
to Matahum in the mornings or late afternoons.