Al Hamra Jungle Resort

Since I live on the little Peninsula across Puerto Princesa bay, I consider it an undiscovered jewel. It is cooler here, any many things to do that are off the beaten path for people who are tired of fancy resorts and crowds. That is why, as of late, I am posting all the new facilities that have been cropping up here. To lure you travelers over to discover the undiscovered gem that this peninsula is. You can even take a ferry boat from Puerto Princesa Baywalk fish port to Mangingisda fish port. The trip is much more relaxing than by car which takes an hour, whereas the ferry only takes 35 minutes. Fare is only 35 PHP and, you can rent a motorbike in town and take it on the ferry for only 35.PHP. From Mangingisda fish port you can then take a trike or if you are going to spend the night, the folks at Al Hamra will pick you up if you let them know when you are arriving at the fish port. Of course, they do pick up guests are the airport if you make arrangements when booking a room there

Al Hamra Jungle resort has been here a few years and it is frequented by ex-pats and travelers from many countries. They have adorable native huts/kubos for overnight stays and we have put up our own guests there when we run out of room at our house just down the road from them.

They have a very deep pool with a pool bar and they do take their visitors to the local white sand beach for picnics. Al Hamra also has its own restaurant with a mix of local, America and European food. They are just 5 minutes away from the latest leisure park called Palawan Swing Leisure Hill.

There are other restaurants in the area which are on my blog as well if you are staying long enough to want a change from the food at Al Hamra. I am sure they would be happy to show you the way.

The Al Hamra resort from the air by drone.

Poolside at night. There are bar stools in the pool to sit on.

An aerial view of the resort

The deep swimming pool to refresh and relax by

The nearby white sand beach where they like to take guests.

An aerial view of Al Hamra Resort
If you want to take a ferry boat to Mangingisda fish port from Pto Princesa fish port, here is the schedule for the S. Richard.

Here is their contact information and website.

call +63-927-206-1274

Here is their website link to the cottages.