Canvas Hotel Mexican food with Asian Twist

This is the layered Nacho dish. Very yummy.
Canvas Boutique Hotel put on an event to feature their new Mexican food with an Asian twist, menu items.

They didn't skimp on the portions and everyone left stuffed to the max! Their menu now features a wide array of Mexican food favorites like nachos, hard and soft tacos, quesadillas, Corn chowder soup, which was really delicious.

I personally could have done without the food coloring in the chips and taco shells, but no one else seemed to mind. I think you will like the diversity of the new dishes as well as the interesting fusion of Asian and Mexican flavors.

They even have salmon tacos with ginger and garlic confi, pico de gallo and grilled romain topped with shrimp powder and aligue aioli. The ginger really did put an Asian  spin to this dish.

Quesadillas with pork carnitas, cheddar, and mozzarella
cheeses, garlic confit. Topped with aioli and pico de gallo.

Canvas Boutique Hotel