Dolphins of Puerto Princesa, Palawan April 2016

We got out on the bay by 7:30 AM. It only took us 10 minutes to find them. Watch the video to see the dancing dolphins of Puerto Princesa. Seriously. Watch this video, and all your cares and woes will go away for the few minutes.

There are now dolphin watching tours starting at Bay Walk in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Google it! April and May is peak season for dolphin watching!

We have our own private boat for family and friends, so we can go any time we want!! But never guaranteed to see them. The pros have spotters they pay.

The experience is always magical, exciting, and peaceful at the same time, it's wonderful for me and all our companions. One young fisherman who was with us, who never even saw a dolphin before, said he could now die as he's seen and felt everything wonderful and perfect in life!

Here is another video with shots of the dolphins underwater! It's so amazing.

Dolpin and her calf. She was looking at me!
Dolpin and her calf. She was looking at me!

So many dolphins I didn't know where to look.

I do so love dolphins. There is nothing like them. What a magical morning.

I saw this AD on Facebook. Try them's amazing.  6:20 AM to 10:30