Box Jellyfish spotting

We took out native pump boat or banca out a couple of days ago into Turtle Bay. We spotted this jelly fish. Turns out it is a box jelly fish. This jelly fish is normally one of the most toxic in the world, but I'm told that the variety in the Philippines is not that lethal except to older people and children.

There is no anti-venom available in the Philippines against box jellyfish.  Urine or vinegar can be poured on the wound, and the sap (better hot) of the Crinum asiaticum [asiatic poison lily, poison bulb] - Spider lily, "bakong " in tag , origin tropical Indo-pacific that you can find in most of the beaches in the Philippines can be very efficient on the box jelly fish stings.  Never remove the tentacles with your hand. Use a cloth or tweezers between you and it.

This is the spider lilly. Use can use the sap to apply to the jelly fish sting.