BM Beach right down the road from Robinson Mall

Update April 2017
Unfortunately "progress" and massive constructions in the town of new hotels, pensions and backpackers lodges, BM beach no longer looks like this. I have not been back since I now live across the bay, away from the maddening crowd. I have seen photos and most of this shoreline is now fenced off per each resort. So please don't expect this as your view these days.

When our little girl was between 2 and 3 years old we lived in city proper. This BM Beach is so close to where we used to live, it was handy to take her for a quick dip without having to make a big deal of it.

Coming from city Center you turn right at the Kia/Nissan dealer, just before Robinson's mall. Go almost all the way down and it will be on the right side of the road, which can be bumpy in spots and messy during the rainy season.  I think the entrance fee was 25.00 php a couple of years ago. It's never been crowded when we went there, which we like.

When you have a little girl bugging you to go often to a beach, this was the easiest solution for us. And to her, it might have been Amampulo she was just glad to dig her feet into the sand and sea for a little bit.

BM beach late in the day at low tide. I mean really, really low tide. I think you'd have to walk 15 meters to get to your waist!
You can bring our own picnic basket and there are places to grill food as well if you prefer to cook there. Bring all your drinks as well.

There's plenty of parking and you can rent the cottage very cheaply for birthday parties and such.
It's very photo perfect late in the day at BM beach as you can see.

It's pretty sandy and lots of sea grasses but those don't bother me.

This is a large pavillion right over the water you can rent. It has a sink which makes it  hand and a CR I if I'm not mistaken. but it's been a couple of years since we've been there.
The big cabana over the water has a CR and sink.