Islands Hotel Puerto Princesa Palawan

Islands Stay HotelPuerto Princesa

As usual I was looking for something else when I stumbled on this new hotel awhile back. It's on Rizal Avenue near the Puerto Princesa airport. Brand spanking new. Very austere and basic and as far as I can see, reasonably priced. Perfect for travelers who don't care for frills at all and just want a place to flop at night, shower up and get out touring! It's walking distance to the airport as well as many restaurants, which you will need because I didn't see one there.

If you book online you can get 15% off if you book a week ahead of schedule. At least this is what is on their website at the moment. They take all manner of credit cards and yes cash too.  All the rooms have aircon, TV and phone. Not sure if that's for outside lines or to the reception desk.

This is the room for 1 person. Very basic but clean.
All the bathrooms look pretty much like this.
This is the double bed room. For two pax
This room has a queen size be and a double bed and a small table for two.

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