Kamia Bay Resort Luzviminda

On the zig zag road just before you get to
Kamia, you can already see it from the car.
Sad to say that they no longer are open as we knew it. They now have those floating things you jump on.

We are thrilled this resort is finally open. We watched it being built on our forays to to watch the dolphins via Turtle Bay where we park our motorized banca. It's got a relatively small beach area, but the water is very clean and not turbulent at any season because it is inside the protected cove in Turtle Bay.

The breezes are always so refreshing there and the views are hard to beat. Nothing like it anywhere that we have been so relatively close to the city.

It's about a little less than an hour drive from city center. (It used to be before the traffic got so bad) Take the National highway south, past Mangingisda, go past the zig zag road and then the resort will be on the left with flags and a closed gate...pull up to the gate and HONK! There is a bamboo pole across, to keep cars from driving the steep hills. The hills at Kamia Bay Resort are very steep, and I do mean very steep, so they have people park at the entrance and then they take you by van the rest of the way to the Restaurant and beach area.

The restaurant has really good food; from spaghetti, back ribs, to stuffed squid and grilled hot dogs for the kids. The native dishes like Tinolang Manok, Lechon Kawali (our guests kept ordering more), Shrimp Sinigang got raves. We have been there 6 times and everything we ordered was very good. It's worth a trip to check out the good food and get away from city center for a bit. It's seriously worth a trip just to eat, but you will be awed by the views and I dare you to be stressed out when you get there. The views are so beautiful.

They have water sports like kayaking, sail boarding, snorkeling, scuba gear for rent with an instructor as well. If you swim they provide life jackets if you have kids, they have to wear them...which for our 5 year old kid who doesn't swim, I liked it. They have mangrove areas which can be toured as well.

Outdoor seating by the bay also covered area in restaurant. The bartender there claims to make really good beach vodka martinis and other mixed drinks.
They have open air covered cabana with tables and benches if you would prefer to have your own space to hang out in and the restaurant serves the food to you in them as well. The feeling is very private and cozy and there is no other place like it that I have been to this close to the city.

The staff are very friendly and helpful and always welcome us with a smile. I suppose so far, we are their best customers. The resort does take all major credit cards if you decide on the spur of the moment to head there and don't have a chance to hit the ATM in city center.

I am very glad they are there and we do want them to succeed since it's so handy for us to get there by banca, only 6 minutes, and the ONLY restaurant for at least 20 kilometers. We will be going back often actually since it's so close. Sometimes we rent a cabana and sometimes we just hang out at the restaurant area.

If they had WiFi, I'd probably spend several days working from there actually, so I can swim in between business emails or get a massage. That would be divine and I cant wait until they put up the floating massage cabana. I am told they will soon implement WiFi.

This is the restaurant area with outdoor seating as well as indoor. This is where they check you in to see what you want to do. You can rent a Cabana on the beach and swim, or scuba dive,snorkel, kayak as well. They will be adding massage in the future. I can't wait for that.
We rented this cabana. It was a good place to plop down our stuff and watch the kids swim from and order up food which was good. I ordered 3 dishes and they were all good. This cabana cost us 350.00 php.
The waters are clean and clear. Even when the seas are rough everywhere else,this bay is protected from the large waves. Of course summer is best to swim since it's refreshing to swim when it's so hot. They have several floating tables too and I think we will try that next time.
This is the comfort room and shower areas. My only minor complaint is that the showers are ot private so you have to rinse off in your swim suit and then go into one of the toilet rooms with a door to change into dry clothes. The good thing is that they had toilet tissue in the CR!
This is the stuffed squid. Very tender and tasty, served with salted duck eggs, atchara and a nice tangy vinegar sauce to sprinkle on the squid if you like. It doesn't come with rice so you have to order that extra. It was a little on the under cooked side but better than over cooked. I was too hungry to send it back.

This is a grilled chicken dish with a tangy sauce. It was delicious, tender and juicy, not dried out It did come with rice. I probably will order this again. Not shown because I gobbled it down before I could photograph it, was the Spaghetti Bolognese. It wasn't the sweet Pinoy version. I could taste the herbs and it had plenty of meat in the sauce over the pasta,which was al dente just the way I like it as well. The serving was a bit small for php 250.00 more or less, I thought. But then again they are far away from any markets and they are on a generator for power so their operating costs must run high.

They have several of these floating barges with tables. I think we will try one of these next time.

 I am told this old boat will become a karaoke bar.

These are not open yet, but I was told that they will launch some water sports from them and also put in a floating massage cabana. When the get this, it's where you will find me! We can't get home service massage out where we live.

This serene photo was taken on another day of the resort as we were going out very early in the morning to go dolphin watching.

 This is one of the smaller cabanas right beside the water at high tide.

Here is their contact information:
Kamia Bay Resort
Binunsalian Bay, Brgy. Luzviminda, Puerto Princesa City, PH.

+639173114506 (Globe), +639213197695 (Smart), & Tel No.: 048 433-0248

This is their Facebook Page:

Website (Nothing on it but one photo and the same contact info yet.)