Puting Buhangin Beach - Mangingisda

Update: Oct, 23, 2019
The main road to this place has been closed off as the land part has been sold. I am told there is another way to get to the beach but maybe a trike driver can tell you. In the meantime, a new place has opened nearby called Matahum Beach. It is actually a better option since they do have a restaurant, CR and native huts for an overnight stay The water is just as clear and its the same white sand found on puting buhangin.

If you want an off the beaten path and also a native experience, with a white sand beach mostly to yourself, then check out Puting Buhangin (white sand) beach in Mangingisda, across Puerto Princesa bay.  The waters are clean and clean and the beach itself is trash free.
Puting Buhangin Beach - Mangingisda- Puerto Princesa, Palawan
You can take a 30 minute ferry to the pier from Puerto Princesa Fish port at Baywalk to Managingisda Fish port across the bay, then a 12 minute trike to the beach. Every trike driver knows where the fish port is.

Here is the schedule for S. Richard boat

Depending on the time of year, there are many sand fleas near the actual mangroves. Oil of any kind will drown them on your skin. Their bites are horribly itchy. Mosquito repellents do not work on them.

There are no services whatsoever, so bring everything you will need for the day. If you come by car, then ask the locals in the area how to get there, they know where it is.

At low tide, you have to walk about 20 to 30 meters across the sand to get to the water....but no corals to step on and break, and mostly seagrass here and there.

Bring a lot of sunblock as there is no shade to be had, and the sun and white sand make a good combination for sunburns.

There are no entrance fees and the cost of the ferry one way is 35.00 pesos. They do take motorbikes across as well.  The trike ride is about 15 minutes from the pier to the beach,  and will cost a bit more, but negotiate..it's not that far but a pretty rocky road in parts. They charge me 100.00 pesos to go 4 kilometers from the pier to my house.

If you feel like lugging it...a nice beach umbrella you could stick in the sand for shade, or one of those portable pop out cabaƱas would let you enjoy the beach longer, by giving you shelter from the sweltering sun on white-sand effect! At low tide, you have to walk across the sand too far to be in the shade of the few trees dotting the shoreline.

We have actually just dived off the Mangingisda pier itself and swam out there with the locals as well.  The Mangingisda pier has a couple of Sari-Sari stores for basics like snacks, gum, soft drinks and the occasional Banana on a stick with roasted sugar the natives like. One store has a small Turo-Turo selection of local dishes with rice there during lunchtime if you get really hungry. We have eaten there and survived.

Go to this previous blog entry for the Ferry schedule between Puerto Princesa City and Mangingisda pier.


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