Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Photovoltaic Solar Panel store

We have gotten all of our solar powered lights, panels, controllers and inverters from this store in Puerto Princesa, on Rizal Avenue. It is beside David's Hair Salon after a breezeway. This company "Photovoltaic Solar Centre" also has a display and sales room in the new Robinson's mall on the second floor.
Photovoltaic Solar Center- on Rizal Avenue - Our source for solar panels and solar LED light bulbs and systems.

Here is their address and contact information:
Photovoltaic Solar Center
Door #4 Lustre Building, Rizal Avenue
5300 Puerto Princesa City,
Palawan, Philippines 5300

Telephone: (048) 4346940
Mobile No. 09088937191

Google Map:

This is the power pack that comes with the LED kit of two LED lights. It has a small solar panel.

12 volt LED solar powered bulb. It's the brightest and uses the least amount of energy and battery life. I use one above my office desk all day, even on cloudy days it has yet to go off! This is a stand alone bulb and didn't come in a kit, but it't the best and most energy efficient solar light bulb we have gotten from them

This is another type of LED solar bulb that comes with a kit. A charger and inverter in one small box. You can also charge your cell phones on a sunny day with the adapters.
When there were brownouts, it would go dark in the kitchen and the water pump would shut off so we would run out of water. These panels now run the water pump, a floor fan and all of the lights. I actually can't tell when there is a brownout anymore because it remains so bright.

Here is a link to Google Maps showing this location.

Quite a few people have asked where we get our solar kits. So there you have it.