Irawan Eco Park and Forest Canopy Zip Line

Irawan Eco Park
Bgy. Irawan,
Puerto Princesa City 5300: Check them out on Facebook at:

Not just a zip line any more...although I do believe they have the longest in Palawan. They now have something for the whole family like, horseback riding, butterfly garden, jungle survival course, e
Lovely bluish butterfly at Irawan Eco Park and
Zip Line
The Irawan Eco Park is located off the National Highway going south. It's 3,000 hectares of the Flora and Fauna Protected Area of the Irawan Watershed. You can also take in the Crocodile Farm while out in that area.

The Irawan Forest is one of my very favorites as it is accessible to non hiking persons like myself!  Even if you don't want to take the Zip lines, it's well worth a trip up to the Eco Park just to have a cup of coffee at the check in building and walk along the river once you get to the zip line area. They have a beginners run, 1/2 Kilometer and 1 full Kilometer run.  They opened the 1.3 Kilometer Zipline as well. It's a quick flight through the beautiful Irawan Forest and above its river.

They offer Carabao cart rides in the beautiful pristine forest as well. Inquire at the check in area. Other activities include:
Skywalk adventure
River trail
Fish feeding
Jungle survival demonstration

Click the link below to view their packages and rates.

The Pearl Museum is located at base camp where you check in to avail of the different activities. You can request a tour and you will learn all about real and fake pearls.

Imagine riding on a horse through and under this canopy of trees! It's so green and serene.

This is the kiddie zip line. The younger kids have the option to be attached to a guide.

Beautiful river. So placid. You can contemplate the universe by it's banks.

Zip line gear.

The reception area has lots of space to relax in while you are being checked in.
You can order buko juice and other refreshments. Unfortunately, they no longer serve coffee. Bring your own if you are going to sit drinking coffee while waiting for your kid to be done with horseback riding, like I did!

After you check in you are driven to the higher watershed area to be harnessed up and shown a map of where you will be flying through the trees.

Tree house where you land after the Zip line ride and the line to go off onto the beginners zip route.
Happy zip line guest!!

Forest Canopy Adventure - Irawan Zipline is Asia's longest zipline at the 9meter level of Mt. Tagaod, Bgy. Irawan, Puerto Princesa City

The Zip line is located in the Puerto Princesa Watershed area. It's a pristine and beautifully relaxing area with the river running beside the park.  We like to go up there just to have coffee and enjoy the views and the walk along the clear clean waters of the river.