Puerto Princesa Palawan growing growing

It will be two years this October 2011 that we moved to Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  The amount of new buildings going up is astounding.  The Robinson's mall on the National Highway North is going up pretty fast as well as another mall called 168 Mall, which is already advertising office space, even though it's not quite done. I actually am getting excited about the fact that I won't have to drive to city Center to shop at the lone supermarket when Robinson's supermarket opens.

We live in San Jose, which is off the Natl. Highway North and there is very little traffic on this part of the highway, but at the junction, where North and South Highway split, it now takes me almost 15 to 20 minutes to get to my bank in San Pedro where it used to take about 5 minutes!! The traffic is due to the over abundance of gas tricycles and now, more and more gas motorbikes are showing up, clogging the road even more.  If this keeps up, our streets will be filled with as many motorbikes as Vietnam!  I hate going downtown anymore to shop at the only supermarket NCCC, the traffic is so horrid.

I am so glad we bought a property out of town. Out there, there is no traffic to speak of at all. Soon we will be building a home to live in so we can get out of our rental.  The countryside is so lovely and green.

I can't wait to begin experimenting with sustainable farm practices once we move out there.

Here is a blog about other things to do in Puerto Princesa.


kate said…
hi. we have a flight to puerto princesa in a few days and i am not sure if we should go. what exciting things could we do or find there. thanks in advance!

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