Butterfly Eco Garden and Tribal Village

Bgy Santa Monica, Puerto Princesa
Opens at 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Cell:  0917-597-5544
Email: palawanbutterfly_ecogarden@yahoo.com

The Butterfly Garden of Palawan has expanded and it is inside a screened in delightful garden.  Butterflies roam freely hatched from cocoons on display in a covered area.
Find them on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/PalawanButterflyEcoGardenAndTribalVillage

This little guy got attacked by ants.Tried
to save it but too late.
The butterfly garden was constructed to educate visitors through a video on how butterflies develop and survive in a particular environment as well as an exhibit of the pupae. Another objective is to attract tourists and make them aware of the beautiful butterflies that are natural to Puerto Princesa and now in the Tribal Village you will meet real members of the Palaw'an tribe who will give you their blow dart demonstrations and invite you to try it or let you pet and be photographed with their pet boa constrictors.

After exploring the butterfly enclosure, you will step into the life of the native Palaw'an. Palaw'ans are only one of the many indigenous peoples of Palawan that have been living in the province for many thousands of years. A few traits and trades have been preserved since younger generations are now adopting to modernisation. The tribal village is to preserve those remaining traits and trades and by its Cultural shows, visitors will get a rare chance to interact with these native people that still holds pure Palaw'an bloodline. Visitors will learn the Palaw'an way of hunting, survival, daily life and even the Palaw'an way of hanging out. At the end of the tour, visitors will get a chance to bring home Palaw'an made crafts and other souvenirs that are hand crafted by the local village folks.

Entrance fee is very cheap. I can't remember the exact cost. But trust me, it's cheap and they do accept senior discounts and for children under a certain age.
There is a little shop that sells souvenir items and house  decorations near the exit.
There is a display of humongous black scorpions, usually with young on its back.
Apparently there is a guy that can handle them, but you won't catch me
doing that.

Butterfly pupa. They look like they are made of gold.
Two rescued bear cats can be seen at the Butterfly garden.

One of the pet boa constrictors you can hold and have a photo with at the Tribal Village
One of the lizards on display.

A strange and unusual flower at the Butterfly garden. A batflower!

A butterfly pupa