Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

Also known as the crocodile farm, is both a tourist attraction and a research institute. About 30 minutes from Puerto Princesa city center, the Crocodile Farm also has a mini-zoo, which features some of Palawan's endemic species of wildlife.
Dave messing around with a crocodile statue.
We were taken then last year in 2009 by Mayor Ed Hagedorn and were given a tour inside the rescue facilities. About 300 wild mynah bird and parrot babies had been taken from poachers and brought there. Most of them died because of lack of funding for trained staff. My heart really bled when I saw all the starving babies and I didn't want to leave without feeding them, but we had to dash off with the Mayor and I haven't been back. We were only told that more than 80% of the mynah babies died and so with the baby parrots.

It was just too sad for me to see so many mynah bird and parrot babies starving.
So even though they were rescued, they still perished....what a shame. It was a terrible blow to our eco system to have tham many baby birds removed from our environment.

They do have a rambling park like area where there are enclosures with some of the endemic and endangered species, as well as some like the palawan bear cat whom have bred in captivity and were rescues.
Of course there are lots of crocodiles at the crocodile farm. All stages of development too.

An indigenous Palawan bear cat. This is part of a mated couple that had a couple of cubs in captivity! They are slowly becoming endangered. I recently heard in our village of someone eating one because it was eating their chickens...ack. Poor thing,

The park had some beautiful flowers in bloom when we went there in July.


Anonymous said…
I have a question... It will be my first time in palawan on Dec. Do they use the electric tricycle for city tours? thanks :)
Hi, Sorry at this time the electric vehicles are not for city tours.
jen said…
Hi! My family would like to visit the crocodile farm, How do we arrange it and how much is the cost? We'll be in Puerto Princesa in Dec.