Traffic in Puerto Princesa

It seems like since we started going to Puerto Princesa last May 2009, and have since moved here, that the traffic in the City has gone from bad to worse.

We live outside of the main traffic areas, and lately I have been trying to avoid driving through City Center just to avoid the traffic. It's bad all day long now...then it gets worse at the end of the day when people get off work.  I keep trying to remind myself why we moved here. With two car dealerships now open, I guess more people are buying cars, but the preponderance of the gas tricycle seems to have gone up as well.

The brown outs are not adding the the general enjoyment. There's a brownout just about every day. With the amount of business opening up, semingly every day, it leaves me wondering how this problem is going to get resolved. Yesterday we had a brown out at the office for 6 hours!

We have purchased two hectares in Luzviminda and I can't wait to build our home and move out of the city entirely! Dave brought out two of his electric motorbikes so he can drive around the area and not pollute the pristine air there.