Badjao Seafront Restaurant

We were brought to Badjao Seafront Restaurant in May 2009 for the first time by Mayor Hagedorn. And since we moved to Palawan, it's one of our favorite places to eat. It's known most for it's seafood although they do have  a wide variety of choices, both Continental and native Filipino dishes.

You walk across a long wooden bridge to get to the restaurant which is situated over the water in a mangrove forest, You can see these mangroves up close and personal from there 43% of the entire mangrove population of the entire Philippines exist here in Puerto Princesa. If you are lucky, you can view some of the king fisher birds that land in them.

The views are really delightful from any seat. I like to sit nearest the water so I can look down and see the fish swimming in the clear waters below.

One of the 43 types of mangrove varieties of Palawan at Badjao SeaFront Restaurant

Sunset was quite lovely tonight.

Any time we have first time guests to Palawan, this is almost always the first stop we make so they can get that "island" feel.

Steamed fish with lemon sauce
Yummy crabs, messy but good!

Lobsters with grilled tanigue.

They serve this clam broth with most of the meals.

Located at Abueg Sr., Puerto Princesa City.

Tel. No. (048) 433-3501
Mobile (0918) 910-3438


Open 10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.