COVID-19 Community help, links and aid

I am a member of FaceBook, and I live outside the city Center where I am seeing many problems and the information is scattered across many platforms. I will be using this, my old blog My Puerto Princesa, so I don't have to start all over, as my old brain is already taxed. Unlike Facebook, there will be static pages that we all can go back to, unlike the links on Facebook which scroll down, making it really hard to find anything again. Having said the above, I do understand the difficulties and I hope to compile a list of things, places, local helplines, numbers that will help all of us maneuver our way to stay alive and well.

You can contact me to give me more information to post on the Contact link or you can post on my public Facebook page, COVID-19 Watch, also a recycled group for this terrible time.

The advent of requiring a QUARANTINE Pass for leaving the home, compounded with only ONE per household, has given way to many problems with logistics for many.

Frequently asked questions answered by the Office of the President spokesperson
This is how far our cough droplets can go. And how the
smaller droplets can be airborne beyond 1 meter/6 feet.

DOH Triage on what you can do if you are experiencing mild
symptoms, but are NOT over 65 and without existing
conditions. There is no need to be tested.

PTO information for Bayan Health Center.