Love and peace deep jungle river resort

Steep stairs. Not for the weak kneed. But worth the walk.
This Maoyon river resort was recommended to me by a friend. We didn't make it to the opening but actually stumbled upon it trying to find someplace else. That happens to me a lot it seems.

In any case, the steep stairs were rather daunting to me at first because both my husband and myself have weak knees. But since we were already there I really wanted to see the river. It was really worth going down to see it.

Very relaxing atmosphere. There is a hanging deck over the river, where the bar also is situated. The water was green and inviting to us as it was a rather hot day but since we were all hungry, we decided to eat first. I loved hanging out here on the native bamboo deck. So very, very relaxing. We didn't swim this time but we will definitely be going back to take up kayaking or swimming in the river.
Don't let the steep stairs keep you from this view!! You can swim in the river, or kayak.

We ordered 2 hamburgers, French fries and deep fried onion rings. The hamburger was very delish. The fries and onion rings were tasty but very skimpy on quantity. They just opened so I am hoping the owner trains the staff better as time goes by. The staff were very nice, polite and helpful. We probably will go back for a day trip as I really want to go to the Langogan waterfalls nearby.
The native rooms are in the background and they looked small but clean.

Looking back from the hanging river deck towards the restaurant.

Couches inside the hut of the restaurant, from which the river is visible.

Inside the restaurant and reception area where you check in if you are staying in one of the native cottages.
I've read some reviews by people who have stayed there and they are all favorable. But being near a river tends to be quite cool at night, so bring light layers in clothing.

Owners description.
"Love and Peace Deep Jungle River Paradise Resort is situated in Puerto Princesa along the tranquil Maoyon River Cruise Rafting. Rooms are comfortable and fitted with a private balcony. Free WiFi access is available.

Love and Peace Deep Jungle River Paradise Resort is located 33 km away from Puerto Princesa International Airport. Balinsasayaw Restaurant – Rizal is 34.4 km away while Honda Bay is 27.8 km from the resort.

All the rooms are cooled with a fan and fitted with en suite bathrooms. Hot-water showers

They do have a website, but the photos are too small to do the place justice.

I think you can book there through  which has plenty of photos of the place as well as the nearby river and waterfalls.  This site has a lot more photos of the place as well as their rooms.

You can also book directly by calling the numbers below or via email.

Here is the direct contact information:|
Steve  +63 9166609839  or +63 9399261388
Sarah +63 9088135401