Ferry Schedule from Puerto to Mangingisda Pier

UPDATE October 23, 2019

This is the latest schedule for the S. Richard ferry ONLY

Sorry to say, many of the ferry boats no longer follow a schedule mostly by late morning and afternoons. But the ferries do still run daily. The last one from Maningisda to the Fish Port at Baywalk is around 4pm.

The ferry boats leave from downtown Fish Port by the Baywalk. It's just before Unitop Grocery and Department store. A small little alley.

The ferries will usually wait for the boats to be full before departing, so the times are not exact.  Also, if you ask one ferry boat what the last boat is from either side...they will only tell you THEIR schedule and not the schedule of the other boats. Cooperation between ferries seems to be non-existent. So don't believe it if they tell you the last boat time of the day for ALL ferries. They are only saying the last schedule for their particular banca ferry.

Case in point; we had a visitor arrive on one ferry yesterday, when he asked what time the last ferry to Puerto was, they said 3pm, when in fact another ferry was at the dock at 4:30pm.

Ferry Fares:
Adult:     35. PHP
Seniors:  28.00 php with ID

Fees for Motorbikes apply and portage for rice sacks, cement also 35.PHP each

This is one of the ferry bancas. They do provide
life vests on board.

Life vests are provided onboard all Ferries.

The locals, kids especially, love to swim off the dock at Mangingisda Pier. It's clean enough that when it's too hot, we do the same. I think trike drivers can also take passengers to Puting Buhangin Beach if you like white sand and wide-open spaces to splash around in. No services at Puting Buhangin, so if you go there, bring everything. 
Across the bay from Puerto Princesa.
The Fish port at Mangingisda Pier. Every day around 5:30 to 6:20am or so, the fishermen sell their wares on the dock. Wide-angle shot with a GoPro Hero2 cam.
When it's cloudy, the photo ops at Mangingisda Pier are fabulous if you like sunsets.
This is Puting Buhangin beach, accessible from the Maniningisda Pier via trike once you get off the ferry.


Mom New Here said…
Thanks for the information. This has been very helpful. How long does it take to get to Bgy. Mangingisda from Bgy. San Jose? Are the roads paved already?
For Mom New Here..I assume you are asking how long it takes to drive from Mangingisda to San Jose...so, depending on how fast you drive, it can take anywhere from 35 to 45 minutes. Also, a little longer if it is raining... From Baywalk Fish Port in Puerto to Maningingisda Pier by ferry, from 30 to 35 minutes.
ancheden said…

Is Puting Buhanging Beach free?

Hi acheden, yes puting buhangin is a free beach.
Jo said…
thanks for your blog about PP :)
BrooklynGem said…
Great info! Where exactly is Puting Buhaging Beach located, and how far is it from the Mangingisda?
Hi, Puting Buhanging Beach is in Mangingisda and about 10 minutes by trike from the pier approximately. Road is small and can be muddy during rainy season to the beach itself from the main road in Mangingisda.