Ikaw cag Ako Cafe and Native gift shop

On Rizal Avenue on the same side and not too far down from the PPC Int'l airport on the Right.

Ikaw cag Ako
translated means You and Me.  It's an adorable native restaurant that serves a local favorite rice porridge with different toppings, like beef, chicken, veggies etc.  They also serve refreshing and healthy salads and other dishes bought from local organic farmers.

They have a gift shop with items made by local artists such as jewelry, percussion intruments made from seeds, drums on recycle bottles etc.
They make a very refreshing buko, pandan and ginger slushy that I have whenever I'm in town. Sounds weird but it's soooooo very refreshing.

It's not a place for large crowds but for cozy conversations and healthy meals

All the gift shop items are made by local artists. Great souvenirs to take home with you there.

Lawiswis organic soaps, creams, lotions, vitamins and the like. All made in Puerto Princesa
Palawan, Philippines


pizzalicious said…
Where is this quaint cafe located? Would love to try their organic dishes when I get to visit PP next year :) Tnx!
Diana J Limjoco said…
Oh gee sorry, it's on Rizal Avenue. If you are heading to the airport on Rizal it's on the left...if coming from the airport, it's not too far down on the right....easy to miss. Just look for a simple bamboo facade with the big wooden sign Ikaw Cag ako.